Meet Our Staff


Our Staff has a passion for health and wellness and are eager to bring that to the community of Beaver Dam. 

Meet Renae Henning - Trainer

Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified

Renae sees kettlebell as more than just a way to get fit. For her it is a passion she loves to share with others! 
Meet Mary Parker - Trainer

Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified - 3 years in fitness 

Mary's goal is to teach others proper techniques while providing an experience that is both beneficial and enjoyable!

Meet Chris & Wendy Meier - Trainers

Chris and Wendy love to be outdoors and on the move. They make health and fitness a priority in their family. For them it is a passion they are excited to share with others. 

​Meet Emma Heuer - Trainer

Bachelors in Exercise Science. Certified Personal Trainer through ACE.

Meet Joy Fears - Trainer (Photo coming soon)

Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA - One year + fitness experience

For Joy fitness makes her feel strong and sweaty. She enjoys keeping a healthy lifestyle and finds fitness helps her keep a positive body image. It leaves her feeling good and she wants to help others live and feel the same way!

​Meet Liz Rudd - Trainer

Being physically active has always been a part of Liz's life. She feels her best when she is on the move and is excited to share that love through teaching.  Liz finds inspiration in helping others to push themselves and feel their best!
Meet Jenni Munson - Trainer
​More on Jenni and a photo coming soon.