Renae Henning - Trainer​​​​

Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified

I began my fitness journey 6 years ago after my 40th birthday. I got honest with myself, I was not fit.

I didn’t know anyone at the nearby gym but I decided I knew I needed to change.  I began to exercise 3 days a week.  There were times my muscles hurt even to walk.  But I kept on getting stronger and stronger. I lost inches. My clothes fit better.  I slept better.  I began to be encouraged by the new friends I made at the gym.  I began to encourage others.  One of my instructors received her RKC certification in Russian Kettlebell.  When she brought kettlebell to the gym it was a game changer.  When I began to routinely attend classes my strength went through the roof!  I was hooked.  When our gym closed and we thought about what do next, our new instructor inspired us to go for certification.  Together we trained and strengthened and learned more kettlebell.  Kettlebell to me has become more than just a way to get fit; it’s become a passion I love sharing with others.  A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Come take your first kettlebell steps with our team.